Generating a License

When the application is started in its current state, a pop-up is shown telling us that we are missing a license. Without this license, the VRee Platform will not function. Therefore, a license file has to be generated for the development PC.

To generate a license, open the unity preferences (Edit > Preferences…) and open the VRee tab

In the Username and Password fields, enter the login details of the company account that manages the licenses. The Key Name and Key Email fields identify the requested key. A license key will only be active on the PC from which the key is requested. It is therefore a good idea to give this key a descriptive name such as ‘Joe PC’. For support, it is recommended to enter an email into the Key Email field on which the developer can receive work related emails.

A key can be generated by clicking the Request Key button, this requests a key from the server and places it in the root of the project. Next, press the Merge Keys button to merge all .key files into a license file and moves it to the Assets > VRee Platform > Prerequisites folder. This step is necessary even when only one key is generated.

Merging all keys is useful for version control so that only the merged license file can be used and the key file can be kept on the development PC.

The project can now be started without any errors.