Preparing the Development Environment for Windows

The first step in preparing the development environment is to make sure that the correct Unity version is installed. The VRee Platform was developed and tested using Unity 5.5.1 (64 bit), this version can be downloaded from the Unity download archive: Developing with the VRee Platform on a newer version of Unity is not recommended as this was not tested.

The default Unity settings are sufficient to use the VRee Platform. However, when creating a Virtual Reality Windows client, one option has to be enabled. First, make sure that the target platform is set correctly. To do so, open the Build Settings through File > Build Settings…, selecting the PC, Mac & Linux Standalone and pressing Switch Platform if available.

With the correct target platform selected, click on the Player Settings… button to open the player settings and navigate to Other Settings panel. Under Rendering, enable Virtual Reality Supported to support virtual.